Let’s talk about sex

Sexual health education often doesn’t focus on the issues that young people really face in everyday life – such as pornography, LGBT sex or the increased risks associated with alcohol and drugs. Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) should be inclusive, engaging, and useful. STI Wars is a fun and engaging way to help young people learn about sexual health and safe sex.

STI Wars is a fun battle card game for young people aged 13 and over, which addresses the risks that young people can face in everyday life. It challenges players to avoid STIs by eliminating Risks Cards and fighting back with Prevention Cards. The fun aspect of the game helps create a relaxed atmosphere, where young people feel more comfortable to discuss sexual health and sexual activity. There is no pressure, no judgment and it removes the tension and embarrassment young people can feel when adults try to initiate these discussions with them.

A game designed to eliminate taboos

The Removing Barriers Game comes with a board and four different categories of question card.

The idea of STI Wars came from Aida De Heras, a Communication Co-ordinator from the University of Bath.

“Taboos are not helpful - they only contribute to creating and perpetrating unnecessary myths. Obviously sexual health is one of those topics and should be approached at an early age for teenagers to be well equipped and know what their options are, and what they may be exposing themselves to. […] I think that ‘fun’ experiences can be particularly memorable, and games are great at generating those. I decided then that I wanted to make a game which creates an atmosphere where there is no pressure, no judgement and is a safe space to openly explore the subject of STIs.”

How the game works

Each player has a stack of Health and Risk Cards. The aim of the game is for players to get rid of their STIs or earn the most medals for avoiding risks and making good decisions. The first player to eliminate all of their STIs or to collect 6 medals wins the game.

STI Wars helps players to talk about and explore:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Treatments against STIs and vaccines
  • Risky situations
  • Good practices such as the use of protection

The game could be used in schools during Relationships and Sex Education modules or in Family Planning.

Suitable for:
Anyone aged 13 and over

  3 - 6 players
   30 minutes of play
   No facilitator required

Price of single game:
£19.16 EXC Vat

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